Kyle Benecke : Omaha’s backpack journalist #greatspeaker #msuno

The final guest speaker for the semester was Kyle Benecke. Kyle currently works for the Omaha World Herald and as a videographer. His roots, like many other guest speakers that we have had this semester, are from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He praises our broadcasting curriculum and school as a whole and credited a lot of his early knowledge and growth to UNO and the education he received here.

I enjoyed his outlook on what he does. He understands that not all stories are interesting, but they need to be told. He gave the example of the first snow and having to go document people shoveling their driveways. We all know that footage doesn’t really set off a ton of emotions or depict drama, but stories have to be told and relate to the viewers and must bring the most up-to-date happenings in the area or around the world.

“I’m pretty much a backpack journalist,” said Kyle. Wow, how perfect! That’s what we are learning how to be in this class. Learning videography is important for this class in particular but also an important tool to have some skill in going into today’s day and age. “News is shifting to the internet. Everything is shifting to the internet,” said Kyle. With news shifting to the internet and more coverage going on the web, videography is a way to tell a story with more than just typed words like a news article. Being able to depict a scene or piece together video that tells a compelling story will bring more attention to the story as a whole and also grab more viewers and consumers attention. A few key points that I will keep in mind for the video assignments and for future knowledge is 1) that NAT sound is important and can make a story and 2) it’s not only about getting the story up first, even though that’s very important. It’s about making sure you’re the first to report but with quality work.


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